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Financial privacy has become a major concern for any participant in the financial world. Credit cards, debit cards, digital transfer of money including Bitcoin does not offer the much needed privacy. Premier cryptocurrencies do not offer you the much needed privacy and handling your associated data such as your signatures, addresses, amount and target destination is without confidentiality.
We understand such your concerns especially with the much growing cryptocurrency knowledge and a nascent industry. Worry no more as SovranoCoin just took your worries away. We introduce you to a revolutionary proof of (PoS) and Masternode Coin developed with privacy, confidentiality thus achieving the cryptocurrency dream of being a FREEDOM COIN. SovranoCoin believes a successful cryptocurrency should possess the following 3 pillars and of which the cryptocurrency owes its users these are:
Incredible Anonymity
Having identified above key pillars which are characteristic of SovranoCoin we differentiate ourselves from other cryptocurrencies by being:
Stable cryptocurrency and platform for global mass adoption.
We are fork and improved cryptocurrency off the Zerocoin Blockchain. This is because we understand cryptocurrency users are yearning for total anonymity which would be ideal to achieving the Satoshi goal of full FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Anonymity in this case means one can send, receive or spend their cryptocurrencies without the next person having a financial trail to the individual user. This is something not available in the industry presently, but our project has made this possible and SovranoCoin is that cryptocurrency for anonymous transactions.
More so, SovranoCoin gives you an opportunity to trade online such as buying precious stones with full privacy thus no worries of data theft a major concerns with e-commerce nowadays. Maintaining anonymity in transactions illustrates our commitment to enhancing trust and safety for all parties taking part in the SovranoCoin network. At the same time, gives us an opportunity to eliminate network monitoring. Achieving this high class of anonymity is made possible by implementing I2P invisible Internet Protocol nodes which serve the purpose of shielding our users all IP addresses at all times of transacting.
How Zero Protocol Works

Why SovranoCoin?
SovranoCoin uses the best Blockchain network available in the industry. The cryptocurrency is a fork by the highly private Zerocoin with the latter operating as an extension of Bitcoin protocol with privacy improvements. Therefore, SovranoCoin combines best protocols, cryptographic and decentralization techniques to differentiate it from the rest of the cryptocrrencies. We have some of the best features in the industry.

High Proof of Stake Rewards
As an investor into our project you will be part of a very profitable venture, because we’ve designed our technology through PoS consensus which will have block rewards scale down over time. This is a technique of curbing inflation while keeping the supply low and fixed which adds value to our investor’s value.

A Simplified PoS Rewards System
Imagine earning while asleep or engaging in other day to day activities! As a SVR coin holder or those running our Masternode(s) can leave your desktop wallet application open and their staking block rewards will accrue.
Why A Private and Anonymous Cryptocurrency?

As a cryptocurrency we are focused on protecting our SovranoCoin holders from data breaches and identity theft issues experienced in the finance world. We have an existing market in the trade of precious stones such as diamonds and saphirs. SovranoCoin is duly registered with relevant authorities thus 100% transparent and compliant. We are using distributed technologies to give our users privacy guarantee to keep their financial information free from interference from unwanted parties. Your privacy is safe with SovranoCoin.
Here is why;
A trading entity or individual who wants to purchase precious stones such as diamond and wants to keep safe their transactions and protect their funds from possible hacks.
Ability to transact online without worry of third party financial intermediaries censoring an investor’s funds.
Keeping total funds held in a wallet or address private. This is step higher over public distributed ledger cryptocurrencies.
SovranoCoin Marketplace

We have partnered with a leading jewellery seller and we are building a marketplace for the purchase of goods and services include sapphire, diamond and any other items you may wish to sell or buy. We are also going to use cannabis for pharmaceutical purposes, at the most we have submitted a proposal for licensing. We have so much in store to further drive the use case of SVR.

SovranoCoin wallet
In essence, a cryptocurrency wallet is a device, program or a physical medium which serves the purpose of storing public and or private keys which in turn are used to receive, send and or spend cryptocurrencies.

In order for you to hold SovranoCoin you need to have a SovranoCoin Wallet which is supported on various platforms including android, iOS and desktop wallets (Win. 32, Win. 64, Linux 64 and Mac. In fact, you can think SovranoCoin wallet or any other cryptocurrency wallet just like personal bank account only that each of the platforms (iOS, Andriod and desktop wallets) acts like your independent bank account. Meaning as a holder of SVR wallet you are in charge of and can control your funds.
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