Financial transactions have a way of giving out more information about a person than they would have chosed to give out, one of the ways harm gets to most legitimate citizens is through financial transactions.

Sometimes, your worth is what brings about your rot if you do not secure yourselve adequately. Cryptocurrency has been a great idea so far, but when privacy is embedded into it that becomes exceptional; this is the power of Sovranocoin (SVR), a privacy coin with super fast transaction, low fees, staking and masternode capabilities.

As VPN is the security of the internet, so is a privacy coin security of cryptocurrency. Why not Sovrancoin? An increased number of people who are into cryptocurrencies and online wallets has caused an increased number of both professional hackers and beginners with basic hacking techniques. Hackers know when your computer or smartphone is the most vulnerable and reach it to own any kind of sensitive information related to business and finances. And are you aware of the spots in which your mobile phone is the most vulnerable? Would you rather settle for popularity or security? Choose wisely!

Sovranocoin now has a mobile wallet to help users carry their assets about, web wallets to enable staking and has listed on one more exchange ( to further move towards global adoption. A robust market place where users can buy and sell anything (legal) is also under development, and to make this seamless a payment gateway has been developed for fast transactions.

Join us as we develop the world’s privacy coin that will power several projects in the future, be a part of tomorrow today!

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