In line with our policy of transparency and our fervency in keeping our community updated, here is a full update on current developments going on in SovranoCoin project;
Our official website (not the current which was built for pre-launch purposes) is 95% done, we only have a few design and security fixes before we drop the curtain.
We have also successfully set up up our bitcointalk ANN thread which will be updated as soon as our upgraded official website is online to keep our community over there abreast of all activities and to attract investors as that happens to be a core platform for blockchain projects.

Because we want to be very intentional, explicit, exponential and accurate with every detail on our whitepaper which is in progress and all project content has been completed. We are currently running a second check and verification because of the magnitude of our project.

Our desktop client has been in use for a while now but we are introducing a web wallet soon (99% ready) and our Electrum Android wallet has just been recently completed and deployed here ( In a few hours we will release our Electrum iOS wallet for our community to provide us with valuable feedback to help us tweak whatever we have to.

Our mega multi vendor market place platform which will come with a payment gateway, Andoid and iOS app and other great features and functionalities is under development. We will keep the community abreast with progress report.
We are also developing a paper wallet, an Android and iOS wallet with a multi-coin feature which will encourage the entire cryptocurrency community to carry out transactions with ease thereby further introducing SVR to blockchain enthusiasts.

These are major project developments ongoing and we promise to deliver everyone of them as they are already in progress while most are almost done. As soon as we are successful with the payment gateway, our diamond market place will be launched. At this point we will begin massive advertising and aggressive PR.

We sincerely want to express our gratitude to everyone who has been there all the way, your suggestions, criticisms and advises helped us pull through. Just knowing that you are there supporting us, is enough. Thank you!

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