With over 4,000 cryptocurrencies in the market, one has to have a real reason to invest in a project and we give you that reason and more.
One of the major factors most projects lack is a utility, there can be no adoption without a use case for a cryptocurrency. The only way to drive utility is with product and services, here we will highlight just a few ways Sovranocoin will drive global adoption. Watch and see why you should join the SVR train:

First off, let’s introduce why we are solid: Sovranocoin is a revolutionary proof of stake + Masternode based on the ZeroCoin blockchain with incredible anonymity!
With the aid of cryptography, Sovranocoin makes it difficult for anyone else to have access to user addresses and transaction details. Yes, your dreams just came true!

Two foremost reasons why investing in our project is profitable is our very high rewarding Proof of Stake (PoS) and Masternode features. Never leave your crypto investment dormant ever again!

Here is how to set up your Masternode:

Sovranocoin is already trading on several exchanges including, and we are launching our Cryptumex exchange soon to join the list.

To celebrate the launch of our market place, iOS and Android wallet and our Cryptumex exchange, we are giving away some SVR. Watch and know how to participate:

As part of our market place where you can buy and sell anything (except contrabands), we have partnered with Alberti Gioielli to enable us sale and deliver diamonds around the globe.

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