Masternodes Contribution Reward System


SVR Masternodes operate in the same manner as your secured savings account. The process starts with an interested party to run our SVR Masternode by depositing 1,000 SVR and in return obtain a reward to run 1 Masternode.

Owning and running an active SVR Masternode earns some rewards in SVR (same as interest when working with secured savings account). Masternode owners will be eligible to take part in the governance of SovranoCoin platform.


We will have a decentralized exchange thus you get an opportunity to control your wealth with funds not being stored at a central exchange as it is the case presently. This means your funds and or wealth remains secure at all times.


Masternodes in essence are nodes that are running on the same wallet software using same Blockchain while providing extra services to the network and these services are:

  1. Instant processing of transactions
  2. Decentralized governance system
  3. An immutable voting and proposal system.
  4. Individual block validation of transactions.
  5. Decentralized Treasury which is our budgeting system.
  6. Provision of these services by our Masternodes it earns them some passive income with them being paid a certain percentage of reward on each block.

Masternode Requirements:

  1. Each Masternode is equal to 1,000 SVR
  2. Must have an active wallet or client
  3. Run on a dedicated IP address
  4. Have an uptime of 24/7

Masternode Incentives

  1. Earning Masternode rewards
  2. Reputation of securing the Sovrano network
  3. Participation in the SVR governance
  4. A commodity option for future sale