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Do you have a project you want to see to fruition?


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Many of us have projects we want to see to fruition but the enormous amount of resources beyond our ability just leaves the project just as an idea or a business plan. At SovranoCoin, we have a robust community keen to validating your project through honest reviews and feedback and later on voted for funding.

As an entrepreneur, we only require you to give your best at the proposal stage to ensure the project garners more votes to attract funding requirements. When preparing proposals to forward to the SovranoCoin community it is imperative to weigh the cost and return on investment the community is going to get by funding the project.


Good luck and we appreciate for being part of our community!

Good luck and we appreciate for being part of our community!


True decentralization of cryptocurrencies is not with 100% involvement of the community. It takes time to build a strong community around a project more so, as such as SovranoCoin. Hence, it will be a gradual process but something we are committed to achieve.

The initial realization of a community designed governance will be SovranoCoin Masternode Owners who will commit to always work towards working in a system with changes in distribution of votes so as to include new and existing members of the entire SovranoCoin community.

Types of governance proposed on SovranoCoin

Protocol Governance
Treasury Governance
Manifesto Governance

A protocol governance is at zero cost and entails making decisions as to whether there can be a change effected on the protocol which is the code base to include priority changes to the SovranoCoin system. We give it to Core Developers of SovranoCoin veto powers which is a unique proposal in SovranoCoin protocol governance. This will happen if proposed changes are technically impossible or we have a situation where logistics dictate a different path of implementation.


It is the most to encounter in a community governed protocol as it involves allocation of funds to meet monthly treasury budget. Some of the proposals on our SovranoCoin may include but not limited to overhead costs for servers, advertising, helping a project to kick-start and as such could not be otherwise justified. The proposals within treasury governance may be anything associated with support of activities of SovranoCoin.


This type of proposal is very rare and may never happen at all and if it does happen all members in the community even those who don’t vote should be made aware of the impending Manifesto Proposal. Again all members should be made aware of the issue or issues raised necessitating a Manifesto Proposal and it should be in an unbiased and factual representation.