Private Cryptocurrency.

private cryptocurrency

SovranoCoin Commitment to User’s Anonymity

SovranoCoin is a game changer in the cryptocurrency industry with an incredible high level of anonymity in transactions. We are team of renowned and experienced cryptographers and developers putting together the most sophisticated private cryptocurrency with our users in mind. We are using an advanced zero-knowledge proof privacy technology to bring this innovative technology to life since the inception of cryptocurrencies.


Here is what we mean by having a private cryptocurrency.


Private and 100% Decentralized Network


We’ve already achieved decentralized cryptocurrencies but are they 100% private? No. SovranoCoin is using advanced zero-knowledge proof privacy technology to bring this innovative technology to life. What this means is using SVR platform we empower you to transact and earn rewards without divulging your personal information to other people in the network or outside. As a participant staking to secure the network you do so securely without revealing who you are or your location around the globe. This is the good news you can run our wallets through Tor Network both as a staker and running of Masternodes.


Anonymous Identity

SovranoCoin is not interested to know who you are so forget all the cumbersome processes of being KYC compliant. We will maintain private identities of all our users with access to anyone, anywhere around the world. You just need to download our wallets or clients below either on your computer or mobile device with no requirements for personal information and be ready to spend, earn and transact and this is only possible with SovranoCoin.



Spend and Send Anonymously

Did you know it’s as easy as searching on block explorer by anyone to look up origin and destination of your funds? We are in the process of developing the most innovative and most advanced system backed zPIV and I2P technologies to maintain our user’s absolute anonymity and attain privacy on our SVR network.


Earn Private Rewards

The blockchain’s ability  allows users to stake zPIV as well earn rewards using the same zPIV. Since we are fork by Zerocoin platform we are going to benefit from this ability.It is the next level of privacy because no party can uncover or know number of coins you’ve staked or even rewards a user is receiving.


Private Exchange

Our goal is to introduce a truly decentralized exchange operating on our Masternode network. Therefore, our users will be opened to a new world of private trading with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ether with utmost level of privacy, security due to decentralization of the exchange and anonymity.


Why A Private and Anonymous Cryptocurrency?

As a cryptocurrency we are focused on protecting our SovranoCoin holders from data breaches and identity theft issues experienced in the finance world. We have an existing market in the trade of precious stones such as diamonds and saphirs. SovranoCoin is duly registered with relevant authorities thus 100% transparent and compliant. We are using distributed technologies to give our users privacy guarantee to keep their financial information free from interference from unwanted parties. Your privacy is safe with sovranocoin.


Here is why:

  • A trading entity or individual who wants to purchase precious stones such as diamond and wants to keep safe their transactions and protect their funds from possible hacks.
  • Ability to transact online without worry of third party financial intermediaries censoring an investor’s funds.
  • Keeping total funds held in a wallet or address private. This is step higher over public distributed ledger cryptocurrencies.

We are in an internet age when privacy is important. You are not free as a person when you are not able to make own decision due to fear of being watched.