SovranoCoin Benefits

We are fork and improved cryptocurrency off the Zerocoin Blockchain. This is because we understand cryptocurrency users are yearning for total anonymity which would be ideal to achieving the Satoshi goal of full FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Anonymity in this case means one can send, receive or spend their cryptocurrencies without the next person having a financial trail to the individual user. This is something not available in the industry presently, but our project has made this possible and SovranoCoin is that cryptocurrency for anonymous transactions. More so, SovranoCoin gives you an opportunity to trade online such as buying precious stones with full privacy thus no worries of data theft a major concerns with e-commerce nowadays. Maintaining anonymity in transactions illustrates our commitment to enhancing trust and safety for all parties taking part in the SovranoCoin network. At the same time, gives us an opportunity to eliminate network monitoring. Achieving this high class of anonymity is made possible by implementing I2P invisible Internet Protocol nodes which serve the purpose of shielding our users all IP addresses at all times of transacting.
We anticipate to enrol and register more SovranoCoin Masternodes, at the moment we have a remarkable number of these nodes running. This is key to our network being highly decentralized thus more secure with fast transactions and rewards. This is set out in the next 2 or 3 features which are main incentives to running the SVR Masternodes.
SovranoCoin main attractiveness to running our SVR Masternodes is eco-friendly as it uses 100% Proof of Stake technology in block generation. This makes the process of block generation and verification cost effective as the approach is not high in consumption of energy as compared to Proof of Work mining.
As an investor into our project you will be part of a very profitable venture, because we’ve designed our technology through PoS consensus which will have block rewards scale down over time. This is a technique of curbing inflation while keeping the supply low and fixed which adds value to our investor’s value.
Imagine earning while asleep or engaging in other day to day activities! As a SVR coin holder or those running our Masternode(s) can leave your desktop wallet application open and their staking block rewards will accrue.
SVR coin holders will enjoy the ability to send and receive SVR Coins in real time across the globe. This will be possible through our desktop clients and mobile wallets. Also holders of SVR Coins can make purchases on goods and services of preference worldwide may it be at a physical retail store or online shops. Remember our project is highly decentralized though a 100% PoS and Masternode system, therefore, our cryptocurrencies are censorship resistant, borderless and not to forget have incredible anonymity.
SovranoCoin as a project understands how inflation can dwindle expected returns to our investors. So what are we doing about this? We’ve implemented measures including: Masternodes locking coins, halving block rewards, incentivizing SVR holding with 0.8 MN/0.2 staking reward split, global adoption through utility as users can make purchases with SVR, Speed and Security. All this is done to prevent inflation in our coin eco-system.



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