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Financial privacy has become a major concern for any participant in the financial world. Credit cards, debit cards, digital transfer of money including Bitcoin does not offer the much needed privacy.

Premier cryptocurrencies do not offer you the much needed privacy and handling your associated data such as your signatures, addresses, amount and target destination is without confidentiality.

We understand such your concerns especially with the much growing cryptocurrency knowledge and a nascent industry. Worry no more as SovranoCoin just took your worries away. We introduce you to a revolutionary proof of (PoS) and Masternode Coin developed with privacy, confidentiality thus achieving the cryptocurrency dream of being a FREEDOM COIN. SovranoCoin believes a successful cryptocurrency should possess the following 3 pillars and of which the cryptocurrency owes its users these are:

  1. Incredible Anonymity
  2. Integrity
  3. Quality

Having identified above key pillars which are characteristic of SovranoCoin we differentiate ourselves from other cryptocurrencies by being:

  1. Fast
  2. Secure
  3. Stable cryptocurrency and platform for global mass adoption.

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Reward System

Securing a Blockchain network requires participation of entities who help with this task and in return they some rewards for their contribution. This is the principle applied in all almost if not all Blockchain networks including Bitcoin and Ether among others. For instance, for Bitcoin network to remain secure miners who are the participants in this bitcoin community earn select rewards.

Coin Specification

Block Rewards

1 – Being a Masternode

This entails running a Masternode for our network and to take part one will have to part with 1,000 SVR also have a technical understanding.

2 – Staking

You can earn from our platform by choosing to stake your SVR and for this category there is no required minimum which is a good incentive from us. We only require you to keep your desktop client or mobile device wallet active.

SovranoCoin operates using the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism and just like other protocols requires securing of the network. Therefore, fulfilling this task for us one must hold some SVR. This is a requirement for the first two methods where you can earn interest on already SVR you hold.

3 – Network Opportunities

We run an active community and from time to time we have new opportunities associated with our community and are funded by SVR.

Therefore, fulfilling this task for us one must hold some SVR. This is a requirement for the first two methods where you can earn interest on already SVR you hold.

Why SovranoCoin?

SovranoCoin uses the best Blockchain network available in the industry. The cryptocurrency is a fork by the highly private Zerocoin with the latter operating as an extension of Bitcoin protocol with privacy improvements. Therefore, SovranoCoin combines best protocols, cryptographic and decentralization techniques to differentiate it from the rest of the cryptocrrencies. We have some of the best features in the industry.

How zSVR Automint work [ Default Setting ]


A cryptocurrency refers to a digital asset designed to work and has all properties of money including which main property is acting as a medium of exchange. It’s design has strong cryptography aimed at securing financial transactions, control creation of cryptocurrency units and verify or validate transfers. Cryptocurrencies are a new form of money that  uses a decentralized control mechanism through Blockchain via distributed ledger technology.

Cryptocurrencies use distributed ledger technology known as Blockchain and it let users make secure financial payments and storing of funds without going through a central entity such as banks or other conventional financial intermediaries. The distributed ledger (Blockchain) has records of all transactions, regularly via the technology.

The purpose of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and SovranoCoin among others should serve the purpose of being a medium of exchange. In purpose they are just like USD or Yen only they are designed to exchange digital information without depending on central authority such as banks.

Cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity because of being secure and providing some level of anonymity. In addition, it is not possible to fake, censor and limit accessibility of cryptocurrencies as would be the case with our usual currencies such as USD. This is because their supporting technology namely the distributed open ledgers (Blockchain) makes cryptocurrencies immutable and are decentralized meaning they are available to anyone anywhere without a central organization determining who should access. As it is the case with banks where they determine who should open a bank account by age, wealth, nationality and religion among others.  More so, cryptocurrencies attract very low fees compared to existing forms of currency.

Over the last few years especially in 2017, this new form of money (cryptocurrencies) has attracted lots of attention because of its spiking price per unit. It is important to note each new form of money (4 stages of market based monetary goods) has been known over centuries to go through a process of evolution starting from collectibles to store of value, medium of exchange and unit of account. At the moment cryptocurrencies are moving from collectibles to store of value and at this stage price per unit is very volatile. Therefore, those perceiving cryptocurrencies as investment vehicles should be aware same way it spikes in price same way it can come plummeting before gaining stability of its ideal price per unit.

Sovrano Coin is a revolutionary cryptocurrency based on innovative proof of stake and Masternode technology giving our users ability to transact financially with incredible anonymity.

Frequently Questions

In essence, a cryptocurrency wallet is a device, program or a physical medium which serves the purpose of storing public and or private keys which in turn are used to receive, send and or spend cryptocurrencies.

In order for you to hold SovranoCoin you need to have a Sovrano Wallet which is supported on various platforms including android, iOS and desktop wallet. In fact, you can think SovranoCoin wallet or any other cryptocurrency wallet just like personal bank account only that each of the platforms (iOS, Andriod and desktop wallets) acts like your independent bank account. Meaning as a holder of SVR wallet you are in charge of and can control your funds.

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