What is Sovrano

Sovrano is a revolutionary proof of stake + Masternode based on the ZeroCoin blockchain with incredible anonymity!

Leading cryptocurrencies leave their users and assets vulnerable as anyone can have access to addresses and asset details.

With the aid of cryptography, Sovrano makes it difficult for anyone else to have access to user addresses and transaction details. Yes, your dreams just came true!

Masked and untraceable transactions

The default nature of Sovrano transactions is anonymity, no address preference as found with other cryptocurrencies will be given to anyone, this feature will enhance trust and safety for all parties while eliminating network monitoring.

This will be made possible through I2P Invisible Internet Protocol nodes which will automatically shield IP addresses of all transacting parties.

Anonymous and cost effective global transactions.

Sovrano eliminates cash restrictions experienced by traditional currencies as there are no multi-day holdings, a total safety from capital control and absolute zero risk posed by fraudulent chargebacks.

Robust & global fungibility

The fungibility and anonymity of Sovrano transactions enables it to scale through any vendor or exchange blacklist due to previous involvements..

Sovrano is all round discreet.

With Sovrano your transactions are safe, secure and discreet. Signatures, addresses, amounts and target destination of transactions are all confidential, delivering absolute decentralisation with privacy concessions. This means that the public record does not contain any mention that funds were received to the recipient’s public address.

Sovrancoin Specification

Name SovranoCoin
Ticker SVR
Algo Quark
Total supply 6.000.000 SVR
Premine for swap 110.000 SVR (1.83%)
Dev Premine 0 SVR
1000 SVR = 1 Masternode
Block time 90 seconds
Block Reward
0 - 20000 0.7 coin
20001- 40000 0.9 coin
40001- 60000 1.1 coin
60001- 80000 1.3 coin
80001-100000 1.5 coin
100001-120000 1.7 coin
120001-140000 1.9 coin
140001-160000 2.1 coin
160001-180000 2.3 coin
Block Reward
180001- 200000 2.5 coin
200001- 250000 2.3 coin
250001- 300000 1.9 coin
300001- 350000 1.7 coin
350001- 400000 1.5 coin
400001- 450000 1.3 coin
450001- 500000 1.1 coin
500001- 600000 0.9 coin
600001-700000 unlimited 0.7 coin

Download Whitepaper and SVRMN install Guide

Download Wallet

Wallet is available for all major Operating Systems.


Road Map

Here is a roadmap our diligent team is working hard to achieve.

Q1 2019
  • Web wallet & Specialized Merchant and Woocommerce plugin
Q2 2019
  • SVR Marketplace with Amazing products
Q3 2019
  • Start Jewellery market (real Diamonds Stone )SVR accept payment
Q4 2019
  • SVR Money transfer platforme
Q1 2020
  • App mobile money transfer
Q2 2020
  • SVR ATM Machine Crypto/Fiat accept
Q3 2020
  • Connect SVR Money transfer platform to** pre-payed mastecard

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